Section 1. In accordance with Local Laws, you are required to maintain and show valid proof of a motorcycle driver's license, motorcycle registration and motorcycle insurance while operating your motorcycle. All costs, expenses and maintenance of a member's motorcycle are the sole responsibility of the member. Additionally, in keeping with all safety rules of the road, each member must be properly attired in riding gear. All members are solely responsible for the purchase of said gear. You must refrain from the usage of drugs, alcoholic beverages or toxic products/substances which could impair safe judgment while riding. You must refrain from the usage of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol consumption or toxic products/substances which could impair good judgment while wearing Steel Horses vests, jackets or any other apparel representing SHMCNY.


Section 2.  All members must maintain riding formation at all times, unless he/she feels they are put in a life threatening situation, at which time the member should rely on his/her own judgment. Any member speeding out of formation should proceed to the final destination. Members should not attempt to gain entrance back into formation once he/she has broken formation; however they should be aware that such actions will be frowned upon and possibly penalized. SHMCNY will not be held responsible or accountable for such actions and any actions taken by the proper authorities (law enforcement) to correct such behavior (i.e., traffic ticket). When on the road, members must be mindful that SHMCNY has designated Road Captains assigned to keep the formation intact and should follow the directions/instructions of said members unless placed in dangerous, illegal or life threatening situation.  Members arriving late will be left behind.


Section 3. In keeping with the professional and business-like demeanor of the Steel Horses MC Club, all social and/or private affairs not associated with the Club must be kept separate from club business. Although we respect the right of each individual to seek out lifelong friendships/relationships, we believe that a breakup between the parties in this tight knit organization can strain the inner workings of the club. In the event that a private issue between these individuals becomes a disruption or possible embarrassment to the Club, suspension and/or expulsion may be rendered. A final determination will be made by the Executive Board via a special meeting.


Section 4. Fighting among club members in colors will not be tolerated and will be grounds for suspension or termination. Any member engaged in fighting with another member while wearing Steel Horses colors will be terminated, and will surrender his/her colors to the President. The board will take action against members involved in fighting or any other action deemed negative towards the club.


Section 5. Reporting of another members behavior

a.   Any member that believes another member’s behavior or riding is unsafe to presents a danger to others may request a formal inquiry by the Executive committee or a committee designated by the president. The committee must provide a written response about its findings to both members along with a copy being kept in the clubs official records.


Section 6.  All members of the Club will be expected to join the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA) and ABATE.  Failure to maintain memberships will result in imposed fines.