Section 1. All Members are subject to monthly dues, ($50).   Any Member delinquent in dues three months (2nd day of third continuous month) or more will be considered not in “good standing” and will be prohibited from participating in any SHMCNY events/runs until dues are made current. Additionally, the Member will lose all voting privileges until they fulfill the good standing requirements. A member more than six months behind in his dues may be expelled from the club by three-fourths vote of the Executive Board.


Section 2. Monthly Club dues are due and payable no later than (NLT) the 1st day of each month, after which a late fee will be imposed. Note: Dues are non-refundable. Additionally, each and every member is expected to participate in all Club functions (i.e. Fund Raisers, Parties, Picnics and ticket sales). Exceptions are subject to Executive Board review and approval.


Section 3. There is no initiation fee to join SHMCNY, however, prior to becoming a full-fledged member, a pre-approved black vest (approx. $250) must be purchased by the member. Should the member not meet Steel Horses’ requirements for any reasons (unsuccessful Prospect period, membership termination, etc.), they will waive all claims to have any funds collected or purchases made during their membership refunded.


Section 4.  Members are expected to arrive at all meetings and sanctioned events on time (there will be a 15 min. grace period allowed). Tardiness, will subject the member to a $5.00 fine. To be noted by any elected officer and enforced by the Sgt-at-Arms or Vice President.  Fines may be imposed by the Board on any member in violation of SHMC By-Laws.