Section 1. The club will hold one (1) meeting every month from January through December. Meetings shall be held on the first Sunday of the month at a time and location determined by the Chair.


Section 2. It is the Members responsibility to verify meeting times, locations, events and other functions of the Club.


Section 3.  Quorum:  One half (1/2) plus 1 of all Members in-good-standing at any General Monthly Meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Club business accept amendments to the By-Laws, or as defined herein. If a quorum is not met, the E-board will conduct club business as it sees fit.


Section 4. Attendance: Attendance at monthly meetings is mandatory. For the calendar year, any member with three (3) unexcused absences is subject to a verbal warning, five (5) unexcused absences and said member is not in “good standing”, and any unexcused absences beyond six (6) are grounds for dismissal. Prior to the start of monthly meeting members are required to notify Steel Horses MC via email/text to the Secretary when it is not possible to attend a meeting. The E-board will assess reasons for not attending meeting and consider whether or not to excuse absence.


Section 5. Order of Business: General Monthly meetings of the Club shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order. Robert Rules of Order shall govern Parliamentary proceedings of this Club unless otherwise agreed to, or provided for in these By-Laws. The order of business for the General Monthly Meetings shall be:

1) Attendance

2) Action Items Review

3) Officer’s Report

4) Unfinished business

5) New Business


Section 6.  Meeting Etiquette:   If you have a question it will be held until the President, Board Members and general members are done speaking.  Members must raise their hand and the Sgt @ Arms will call upon that member to speak. Every member will get a chance to speak except those who don't abide by the rule. That member's question will not be acknowledged if that member does not wait their turn or refrain from speaking out of turn. If any member insists on violating this rule, the meeting will be stopped until the member removes themselves from the meeting.


There will be no conversations in the meetings. Members will be asked to remove themselves from the meeting to conduct their conversations.  If any member insists on violating this rule the meeting will be stopped until said member removes themselves from the meeting.

Jokes are permitted but please try to keep them to a minimum so that business can be conducted.


Section 7.  Clubhouse Rules:

1) All members are responsible to keep the clubhouse in a clean and satisfactory condition.
2) No children are allowed in the clubhouse for extended period of times due to safety and insurance reasons.
3) Members bikes are not allowed in the clubhouse for more than 48 hrs. At which time the member has to have the bike removed.
4) The Club House shall be opened and closed by a Board Member. Members wishing to gain access to the clubhouse may call a board member for assistance in gaining access.