Section 1.  Definition:  The Executive Board shall serve the function of the usual definition of a Board of Directors, as further defined herein.


Section 2.  General Powers:  The Executive Board shall have the general power to manage and control the affairs and property of the SHMCNY, and shall have full power, by majority vote, to adopt rules and regulations governing the action of the Board.  The Executive Board shall have the authority to establish standing or temporary committees that may or may not have authority of the Executive Board,


Section 3.  Number, Qualifications, Election, Titles, and Tenure of Members of the Executive Board: The number of members of the Executive Board shall consist of  five (5) elected positions. Members of the Executive Board must meet the qualifications for member in- good standing in the SHMCNY, and must maintain a membership in-good standing.

1)   The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt-At-Arms. At the discretion of the President, the Senior Road Captain may be called to sit on the Board from time to time.

2)   The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be four-year obligations. All other elected positions shall be two-year obligations. Positions will be elected to office on a biannual basis, respectively. Members are not limited in the number of terms they may serve; accept as may be defined herein. 

3)  The Executive Board shall act on behalf of the Club in all matters affecting the Club.   They shall make final decisions on member expulsions, properly investigate problems within the Club, present to the club all business or important activities affecting the Club and have general control over all club affairs.

4)  Computer Passwords and Account Number.  All passwords, banking account numbers, etc., should be kept in a safe box or locked safe and available to the Executive Board in the event of an emergency.

Note: In each of these positions, each person must be able to communicate with one another     and have a good/amicable working relationship in order to handle all club matters in a business-like manner.


Section 4. Vacancies: Any vacancy in the Executive Board that shall occur prior to the expiration of a term shall be filled by such person as shall be selected by the Chairman of the Executive Board.  A member so appointed to fill an Executive Board vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term of his predecessor in office.


Section 5. Special Meetings: Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by or at the request of the Chairman of the Board, or any three members of the Executive Board. It is member's responsibility to verify meetings and functions of the Club. The person or persons authorized to call special meetings of the Executive Board may fix any place within the SHMCNY as the place for holding any special meeting of the Executive Board called by them. A special meeting of the Executive Board may be called, for a specified purpose, by a petition signed by ten (10) Members.  Such meeting of the Executive Board which is called by the members shall be held within twenty (20) days of receipt of the required petition by the Executive Board, and shall be held, at the SHMCNY Clubhouse, at such a time and place as the Executive Board shall determine and announce, to consider the specified topics contained in the petition.


Section 6.  Notice:  Notice of any special meeting of the Executive Board shall be given at least forty-eight (48) hours previously thereto by written notice delivered personally or sent by e- mail, or orally by telephone, to each member of the Executive Board at his address or phone number as shown in the records of the SHMCNY. If notice be given orally or by telephone, such notice shall be deemed sufficient when supported by the affidavit of such person as gives notice.  Any member of the Executive Board may waive notice of any meeting.


Section 7.  Quorum:  One half of all voting members at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of club business. If a quorum is not met, the E-board will conduct business as it sees fit.


Section 8.  Manner of Acting:  The act of a majority of the Executive Board present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be an act of the Executive Board, unless the act of a greater number is required by law or these By-laws.


Section 9.  Compensation:  Officers as such shall not receive any stated salaries for their services; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to preclude any member of the Executive Board from serving the SHMCNY in any other capacity and receiving compensation therefore.


Section 10.  Resignations of Members from the Executive Board: A member of the Executive Board may resign from the Executive Board at any time by giving notice of his resignation in writing addressed to the Chairman of the Board, of the SHMCNY, or by presenting his written resignation at a general monthly meeting, Executive Board meeting or special meeting of the Executive Board. A majority of the Executive Board may cause the involuntary resignation of a member from the Board after the absence of that member from five (5) consecutive regular meetings of SHMCNY. While petitions may be submitted by the General Membership addressing the status of an elected official, only the Executive Board can vote the expulsion of a member from the E-Board title by three-fourths vote.